Known Bugs in DocBook v. 2.3

Two small bugs in V2.3 have come to light. We'll fix these in V2.4, due out soon. They shouldn't cause too much trouble in the meantime.

  1. The docbook.dtd file calls for the wrong ISO grk4 entity set. Instead of ISO 9573-13:1991 (the Technical Resolution 9573 version), it should call for the ISO 8879:1986 version. The catalog data does contain the correct formal public identifier -- which means that the entity referenced in docbook.dtd has no matching catalog entry as shipped.

    For now, you can make sure your catalog entry's FPI for this entity set that matches the (incorrect) FPI in the DTD, and have it point to your desired ISOgrk4 file as the storage object identifier. The docbook.dtd file will be fixed for V2.4.

  2. The dbpool.mod file declares and references the same parameter entity, local.graphic.attrib, twice for different purposes. In one case, it's for extending the list of attributes that go on all graphic elements. In the other, it's for extending the list of attributes specifically on the Graphic element. In the next version, the entity for extending attributes globally on all graphic elements will be called, and the entity that holds the global graphic attributes will be called graphics.attrib. There will be no graphic.attrib entity in V2.4.

    This bug will cause a problem if you redeclare local.graphic.attrib to contain one or more attribute definitions, because the ATTLIST declaration on Graphic references this entity twice (once directly and once in graphic.attrib). As a workaround, to extend the list of attributes on Graphic you can set graphic.module to IGNORE and redeclare the entire Graphic element and its attributes from scratch.

- Eve Maler (