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$Date: 2002/06/12 11:18:15 $

itermset — A set of index terms in the meta-information of a document


Content Model

itermset ::=


Common attributes

DocBook NG “Bourbon” Content Model

itermset ::=
  • One or more of:

DocBook NG “Bourbon” Attributes

Common attributes and common linking attributes.


When IndexTerms use the Zone attribute to point to index ranges, it may be handy to hoist them out of the flow and put them in the document meta-information.

The ITermSet element, which occurs in the DocBook containers for meta-information, is one place to put them. ITermSet is simply a wrapper around a group of IndexTerms.

Processing expectations


Although more than one ITermSet may appear in the meta-information for a document, neither a relationship nor a specific facility for constructing a relationship is defined.


The following elements occur in itermset: indexterm.


For examples, see chapter.