“The Source for Documentation”


Support for DocBook is available from several forums.


Dave Pawson maintains the DocBook FAQ.

Mailing Lists

There are two public DocBook discussion lists to which you can subscribe. Guidelines for posting to these lists are posted periodically.

Use the subscription manager to subscribe or unsubscribe from these lists:

For general DocBook questions. These include questions about the DTD or schemas, questions about the syntax or semantics of elements, and general DocBook markup questions. Please don’t post questions about the stylesheets, formatting or processing issues, or other application-specific questions to this list.

This list is archived at OASIS:

For stylesheet and application-related DocBook questions. This is the place to ask questions about formatting or processing issues, stylesheets, and other applications.

This list is archived at OASIS:

Digested versions of each list are available if you prefer to receive fewer messages.

Please don't cross-post questions to both lists. In fact, please don't cross-post messages to either DocBook list and any other mailing list.


Many DocBook users, including several members of the Technical Committee regularly hang out on the IRC channel “#docbook” on freenode.


There is a DocBook wiki at